Prompt 19: With Just One Click

Prompt Nineteen: Name something you wish had a remote control that currently does not.

Sometimes I wish life had a remote. That way I could skip all this boring stressful nonsense and get to the good parts. Almost like when you’re re watching a show and a character is being dumb and you grab your remote. You fast forward because you already know what happened.

Except this remote, would control your life.

Younger sibling being annoying and won’t leave? Fast forward to when they leave.

Customer being rude? Hit pause and put ice cream down their shirt The Princess Diaries style. Then you can hit rewind like it never happened.

Is your mom coming home and you forgot to do the dishes? Hit pause and do them before she even walks in the door!

Is the cute guy you’re talking too really an ass? Skip forward to see if the sex is going to be worth this conversation.

Things like that.

Basically, I’d want to be like Adam Sandler from Click. But minus all the bad stuff that happens to him.

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