Prompt 20: Theses Boots Were Made For Walkin’

Prompt Twenty: Talk about your favorite pair of shoes and why you love them so much.

Ah. Shoes. Who doesn’t love shoes? I mean even dogs love shoes. Sure, we don’t want them to love shoes, but they do.

See? That pupper loves shoes so much he (or she) is trying to take it off their “hooman.” (Another note: THAT DOG LOOKS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE MY DOG ANNABELLE.)

Me? I love shoes. I have quite a few pairs of shoes. . . .I don’t wear most of them because I forget I have them, but hey, I like having the option. (Speaking of shoes. Now I want a new pair. PLUS it’s tax-free weekend!!)

Currently, I can’t wear my favorite pair of shoes. Why? Because it’s 95 degrees outside and if I wore my leather black boots that stop just a few inches under my knee, I’d sweat like a fat man in a sauna. It wouldn’t be pretty.

But don’t worry, the second it gets cooler, I’ll be wearing my boots all day everyday. Even to bed. (That was a joke.)

There is something about a pair of boots. For me, they make me feel strong and powerful. Like I could kick Thanos’ ass or throw Steppenwolf through a wall. My boots make me feel confident. It’s a bit silly, I’ll admit that. But I love my boots. And if I could, I’d wear them all year around. They make me feel like doing this.

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