Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With Part 2

The other day while we were cleaning, we were listening to Vevo on the Roku. I clicked on this playlist called “Pop Hits” and now, I have more songs I’m obsessed with. I’ve been listening to these songs on repeat since then.

I thought I’d share them before the radio overplays them and makes me hate them like what they did to “Without Me” by Halsey.

Song 1: “Saturday Nights” by Khalid ft. Kane Brown. First, I love Khalid. Period. “Better,” “Ocean,” “Eastside,” and just everything by Khalid. There is something about his voice that so soothing and beautiful. You can hear his passion.

This song is about him loving a girl who has issues with her family and telling her that she has him.

My Favorite Lyrics:

“I guess there’s certain dreams that you gotta keep
‘Cause they only know what you let ’em see.”

Song 2: “Think About Us” by Little Mix ft. Ty Dolla $ign. I didn’t think I would like Little Mix since I like Fifth Harmony, but honestly, I like Little Mix better than Fifth Harmony. (Though I love Camila Cabello.) This song is somehow a pop song but when you listen to the lyrics, it’s a rather deep song too. (Plus they are kind of hot in the video.)

This song is about an ex and wondering, well, do you think about us? Do you think about what we were before? At all?

My Favorite Lyrics:

“I’ve, I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout us, yeah (Yeah-yeah)
All the cities we met up in (Ooh yeah)
Situations that we been through (Na na-na na-na)
Have you been thinkin’ ’bout me, too?
I’ve had some things on my mind I wanna tell you (Tonight)
Can we spend some time, I’ll clear the schedule for you (For you)”

Song 3: “Last Hurrah” by Bebe Rexha. This song is such an end of the year song. It really should’ve came out before 2019 dropped. It’s one of those songs you play at a New Year’s Eve party while everyone is drinking and dancing to this song.

Basically, Bebe is saying “I’m done with all this bullshit. I’m starting over.” Sort of like a New Year’s resolution in song version.

My Favorite Lyrics:

“I’m done with the heartache, I’m done with the demons
Can’t wait to be normal, right after this weekend
I’m done with the drama, I’m fixing my karma
One more night up your nirvana”

Song 4: “11 Minutes” by YUNGBLUD ft. Halsey and Travis Barker. First, the video to this is depressing as hell. Seriously, it made me tear up and it’s a music video. If you haven’t watched the video, DO IT. It’s amazing.

This song is really open to interpretation. The video it’s about a boy who is late to something and then his girl gets in a car accident. Either way, I love this song.

My Favorite Lyrics:

“Tell me what you need, I can make you more than what you are
Come and lay the roses on the floor, every single Sunday, don’t get bored
I just want to freeze, I can give you more than what you are
Now I see you standing all alone, I never thought the world would turn to stone.”

Song 5: “Pretend” by CNCO. Who knew that boy bands were making a comeback? They are pretty. They can sing well and dance well. What else do I need? Also, not a bad song either.

My Favorite Lyrics:

“I only love you in the middle of the night
That’s when you’re on my mind
Every time I get the feeling I can’t fight
And I know it just ain’t right”

Bonus Song: “Geronimo” by Sheppard. I can finally listen to it again after the radio killed it. I haven’t listened to it in like 3 years because the radio overplayed it SO MUCH. But it’s such a peppy song. I thought it suited today.

Hope you enjoy my music! Check out my other blogs called “Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With”, “Spotify Shuffle Adventures” and “Spotify Shuffle Adventures 2” to check out more of my musical tastes!


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