Review: The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale [SPOILERS]


Now that I’ve got that out of the way. Let’s get started.

The Walking Dead Season 7 has been a very stressful season. I don’t know about you all but there were times where I was hiding behind my hands and anxiously peeking through my fingers. You all know what episode I am talking about. The first episode. Need I go on? No? Good. I can’t deal with that stress. Normally my aunt and I re-watch the whole season from the start but yeah, we didn’t need to see THAT a second time. Ever.

This was me pretty much ALL of Season 7.


While I know some were disappointed at how Season 7 ended. I am on Facebook all the time and read all sorts of articles and friends’ posts, etc, so yeah I know some thought the finale was lackluster. Personally, I thought it was badass. It was perfect. Not too stressful where I was biting my nails.

Now I don’t read the comics. I need to. It’s on my list. Saying that, I do Google. A lot. I am a major Google-er. (Not sure if that’s a word…) I am an encyclopedia of weird and random information. Most of the stuff I know about DC and Marvel is from my excessive Googling. Do I want to read the comics? Yes. Do I have time at the point? No. (Do I know where to start? Hell no I don’t.) It’s the same for TWD comics. I know that the comics are different than the show.

For the people who were upset Negan didn’t get his comeuppance: he is still alive in the comics. I have a feeling the show writers will keep with that as well. I am alright with this.

First, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Need I say more? Look at him.  Oh, don’t forget Lucille. How could we forget her? Stupid bat.


Jeffrey makes you hate Negan but also love him. Negan is charming, charismatic and fucking crazy, and Jeffrey nails that {insert inappropriate joke here] and getting rid of such a great character would be a cop-out. That brings me to the second thing.

Second, TWD needs a good bad guy. We have walkers, true. They are always a problem. Yeah, we had Shane, the Governor, the Termites, and the Wolves. But Negan and his Saviors (that name…) are different. There are so many of them. When Negan says “I am everywhere,” he fucking meant it. Hello did he mean it. More on that later.

Negan is an ass. *coughs* Glenn and Abraham *clears throat* There is no doubt of his assholeness. But he is so real. He has some twisted morals. Sure, he’ll burn a man’s face with an iron but rape is out of the question. That is also in the comics, by the way.

Third, [spoilers for the comics] Negan and the Saviors team up with Hilltop, the Kingdom and Alexandria to defeat the Whisperers. All I know about them is that they wear walker skin. Icky.

What are my favorite moments?

  1. Shiva the tiger coming out of nowhere! We were all on the edge of our seats thinking Carl was going to die, then BAM. Tiger. My aunt, two cousins and I all screamed “YES!” and fist-bumped the air. (We scared poor Minnie in the progress.)
  2. Carol and Maggie being the badass women they are and saving Rick and the rest of them’s lives. How many times is that now? Like twenty?
  3. Rick’s intense speech to Negan.  (Pretty sure this isn’t the right GIF but he said basically the same thing.) GO RICK. There the Rick we know and love!
  4. The wooden figurine that said “Didn’t know.” Does this mean Dwight is still the inside man? I can’t wait to see how that unfolds. Negan is going to be so blindsided.
  5. Maggie’s speech about how Glenn started this group by saving Rick so many seasons ago. I teared up a bit.


What the hell moments?

  1. Eugene. Period. He has majorly disappointed me. I thought he was doing some deep cover kind of shit but no, he’s just a fucking coward.
  2. THE FUCKING GARBAGE PEOPLE WERE BAD THE WHOLE TIME? WHAT THE FUCK MAN?! And yes, that was necessary. I did NOT see that coming at all. The head Garbage lady better watch her back. Rick is coming for her.
  3. Sasha’s sacrifice. Do I get it? Yes. Did it make me sad? Yes.

Questions I have:

  1. Where the heck is that asshat Gregory? Is he on his way to the Sanctuary? Does that mean he’s gone dark side? If so, will he be killed on sight when he comes back?
  2. Are Hilltop and the Kingdom now going to stay at Alexandria? Is there even enough space for all those people?
  3. When Season 8 does come out, is it going to be a huge drawn out thing? Or can we get right on to the giant war?

That’s my thoughts!

Now, a final farewell to the one, the only: Sasha, the badass. We’ll miss you, but don’t worry, we know that you will always be remembered.



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