I’d Rather Be Busy Than Bored

What does that title mean? Well it means that. I don’t like being bored. If I’m sitting at work or at home twiddling my thumbs I have to do something.

Of course that isn’t all the time. There are times where I am quite sloth-ish.


That was me yesterday. Blanket and all. Well, minus the weird eye blinking….Not the point. I laid in bed after my meeting with the Writer’s Network and played Everwing on my phone.

Back on track. (Is it possible to ramble while writing?)

Perhaps that title needs to be changed. Not stressed. That’s not the right word. We need more clarity and concision.  (See there? I’m using my skills from Editing for Style and Usage class.)

Busy. I’d rather be busy than bored.

It seems I got wish, people. I am drowning. In a good way.

This is me right now:


What do I have to do? Shall I list them?

  1. Write two stories (1 a meeting, 1 an event OR 2 meetings) for Beginning Reporting – due sometime at the end of April
  2. Write up interview I did for Alice 107.7 – due April 27th
  3. Major project for Intro to Professional Writing; write up interview and maybe make a Google slides presentation – due April 20th
  4. Group project for Editing for Style and Usage – due April 30th
  5. Design logo for the Writers Network (WN) – due this Sunday (gave myself that deadline)

Non-school things I need to do

  1. Clean room for inspection TOMORROW (I hate these things. Why are they necessary? UGH.)
  2. Work on story some more, check out the book list I have and get more books, etc

Think that’s it for personal things. I mean I’d put “work out” but we all know that’s not realistic. I’ve got all the gracefulness of a newborn fawn. And if you know me, you know that is true.

So yes, I am busy but I am loving it. Am I little stressed about these projects? Yes. But they will get done (hopefully not the day before…I am working on my procrastination, really, I am).

Oh, and I’m the president of the Writers Network!! I go this. *insert determined face*



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