Prompt 8: Scratch Sniff Stickers

Prompt Eight: Create 10 all-new funny scratch and sniff stickers. Describe the image and smell.

  1. College Debt: icon is a green dollar sign that’s burning on the edges and the smell is like a mix of rotten food and cleaning supplies that’s accurately called the pit of despair.
  2. Dogs’ Paws: icon is obviously a dog’s paw and the smell is like day old Fritos and loyalty.
  3. Fuckboi: icon is a bottle of cologne and the smell is an entire bottle of Axe body spray, Monster that’s been left out in the sun and that new car smell. And deceit.
  4. Writer’s Block: icon is a broken pencil and the smell is burning pine trees and a cold spoiled latte. And utter dejection.
  5. Heartbreak: icon is a broken heart (DUH) and the smell is a gallon tub of melted mint chocolate ice cream and the salt of way too many tears. (Stupid fuckboi.)
  6. Toddler: icon is an eye because they are always watching and the smell is baby powder, Doritos and pee.
  7. Anger: icon is a balled up fist and the smell is gun powder, a bonfire and the tears of our enemies.
  8. Cougar: icon is plumped-up cracked lips and the smell is vanilla perfume and burnt plastic.
  9. Happiness: icon is the Walmart Rollback smiley face and the smell is refreshing citrus like lemons and oranges and fresh cut grass.
  10. Home: icon is a house and the smell is sandalwood and coffee.

(I had a lot of fun creating these!)

One thought on “Prompt 8: Scratch Sniff Stickers

  1. I love all of these! How creative and great imagery. I feel like I could really smell some of these!


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