Prompt 9: A Business to Help College Students

Prompt Nine: If you were to start a new business right this minute, what would it be? Describe it.

I have several who have graduated. They are struggling to find a job. Sure, they might have a job now but it’s not one that’s geared towards their major or their interest. And while yes, any experience is good experience (or so people claim), it doesn’t necessarily help them find a job that will help them get to what they really want to do. After all if you are a criminal justice major and wanting to be a lawyer, while yes working at non-profit organization that is geared towards helping preserve wildlife looks good on your resume, it might be simply a receptionist type job that doesn’t require any of your criminal justice skills. What I propose is a business that is specifically for college graduates or rather, those preparing to graduate. This organization would help the student find jobs in the area that could help them to their ultimate goal. Whether that is becoming a lawyer, a director, etc. The organization would work with the student in their last year of college, perhaps even helping to find them a suitable internship during that year that could perhaps lead into a more permanent job. This way the students who graduate are less likely to end up working at a fast food restaurant because they simply can’t find another job. While there is nothing wrong with working at a fast food place, what college students really want when they graduate from college is a job that is related to what they want to do in a long-term basis. That’s why I’d like to create an organization like this. It could even work with local businesses who need interns as well.

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