Be A Superhero, Wear a Mask

When all of this first started, we didn’t wear masks. After all whenever we went to Walmart or Home Depot, everyone avoided each other like they had a plague. . . .poor joke, but it’s true. There weren’t people at Walmart or Home Depot or any where else we went. They were like a ghost store. And those people that were there, while not all of them wore masks, they did keep six feet apart. Hell, I remember seeing a woman about to come down an aisle we were in and she swerved her buggy and went to another aisle to avoid us. That was at the beginning however. So, no. We didn’t wear masks. Now though? Well, we do. Why? Because no one is listening to the social distancing. No one is wearing a mask. Once again I nearly get ran over by buggies in Walmart and then glared at like it’s my fault they’re not paying attention. We are at more of a risk now that we were at the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Because people aren’t taking it seriously. You wear a mask and people call you a pussy. Well, no. We are taking it seriously. Hello, Arkansas had 700 new cases the other day! And honestly, after going to Walmart today, I get why we keep getting new cases.

Mom and I went to Walmart about thirty minutes ago. We decided to do a bit of a study. She counted all those who wore a mask. I counted those who did not wear a mask. In total, we saw 61 people. Mind you, this was barely a 10 minute trip to Wal-hell and we were only on the Home & Pharmacy side. However, the numbers we came up with were still pretty telling.

Of the 61 people we saw, only 21 wore masks. 40 of those people did not wear masks. Now, that’s roughly two-thirds of people who don’t wear masks. Again, I reiterate, no wonder we keep getting cases. No wonder other states cases are rising. No one is taking this seriously.

Here’s the thing. Just wear a mask. If not for you, for those around you who can contract this disease. Heck, they even have cute masks on Etsy you can buy if you don’t want to look like a surgeon from Grey’s Anatomy. Wearing a mask isn’t just about you. It’s about protecting those who are more vulnerable, more susceptible to this disease.

I’m honestly to the point where I want to buy a bunch of masks, and every time I see someone without one, hand them one with a smile.

So do us all a favor. Wear a mask. It’s not that hard.


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