Thirst (A Poem)


I am parched

Dry, chapped lips

No one wants to kiss

Throat dried up and dusty

No matter how much I clear it

Nothing changes

I drink and drink

But water does not soothe

It only makes it worse

The thirst is there still

Aching and wanting


I am so parched

Aching and wanting

I scoop the cool liquid into my hand

bringing it to my mouth

Sipping desperately


I could drink the Atlantic Ocean

But it wouldn’t be enough

To get rid of the taste of you

That wretched taste

of salt and rust

Like when you bite your lip

and the blood gets into your mouth

That horrid taste

It makes me gag

My throat closes up

And I try to drown out the taste

But there’s nothing that will help

I remain thirsty

With only the taste of you

On my tongue


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