Tell Me (A Poem)

Tell me,

do you think of my touch

When the cold

snowflake lands on your warm

skin and melts,

dripping down

your rosy cheek

like a tear?

Tell me,

Do you think

about my kisses?

The way I was so cold

on the outside,

like a marble statue,

but on the inside,

I was like ice cream

melting in the hot summer sun.

Tell me,

Do you think about

my smile?

Like the first flowers of Spring,

the buttery yellow of daffodils

as they poke their heads out

from beneath the snow,

or the vibrant crocuses

as they try and reach for the sun.

Tell me,

Do you think about

my voice?

like the rushing of water

as it crashes onto the rocky shore,

revealing a shell the color of your eyes.

Tell me,

Do you think about me?

Do you see me wherever you go?

In every season?

Do you wonder where I am,

or where I am going?

Do you even care at all?

Do you paint me like I paint you?

Try and capture your smile

like the flowers in spring?

Do you sing about me like

the ocean sings to the shore?

Just tell me,

because I need to know

Do you think about me

as often as I,

I think of you.


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