100th Blog Post: 20 Random Things About Me

I was going to do this cute thing where I tell you 100 Random Things About Me but. . . .I couldn’t think of 100 things! I tried but I got no where. It was very hard. So instead, I give you 20 Random Things About me! In celebration of my 100th blog post!

  1. My name is Keely. (Obviously.) And because of that I have NEVER found anything with my name on it. (Pronounced: KEY-LEE.)
  2. I am a new aunt. My niece’s name is Eliana. I call her Ellie and I love her to pieces. She is going to be a spoiled little girl. . . and grow up calling me “Aunt Keke.” A name that I was trying to get rid of but hey, it’s fine.
  3. I love peaches. The fruit. Peach Schnapps. Peach tea. Peach yogurt. Even peach rings and those aren’t made of real peaches at all. It’s all artificial.
  4. I wanted to be a ballerina growing up. For reasons much too complicated to explain, that never happened.
  5. I walk on my tippy toes. I don’t know why I walk on my tippy toes but I do, and it annoys everyone in the household. Even me. (Perhaps it’s my inner ballerina trying to come out? Who knows.)
  6. Am I lactose intolerant? Yes. Do I let that stop me from eating dairy? Nope! I sure don’t. My biggest weakness: cheesecake.
  7. I haven’t talked to my supposed biological father since I was probably 18. So about 8 years.
  8. I say “supposed” because who my father is is kind of up in the air. It could be two different guys. One day I do plan on doing a paternity test. It’d be nice to know who my father is.
  9. I ended up in the ER because my drink got drugged. My friends took care of me however, so even though I was miserable, I was safe. (And I shit my pants. That was horrifying.)
  10. My favorite color is blue. Specifically TARDIS blue or royal blue.
  11. I’ve been engaged once. I was 19 and it did not end well.
  12. I’ve dated three guys named Michael. My family and I have decided I need to avoid that name.
  13. One was a Mormon. He didn’t kiss me until after we were dating.
  14. Some people name their plants. Me? I name my technology. My phone’s name is Susan (she’s a bitch). My laptop’s name is Harold (it’s an HP). My Kindle’s name is Kendra, and my camera’s name is Charlie.
  15. I can’t wink. Every time I try, I look like I’m trying to get an eyelash out of my eye. It’s not sexy. (She says in a Paris Hilton voice.)
  16. I also can’t snap. At all. I try and fail every single time.
  17. On the other hand, thanks to choir, I am really good at fake snapping.
  18. I am color-challenged. By that I mean I can’t always tell the difference between blue and green. The worst colors for me though are red, orange, and pink. It’s difficult for me to see the difference between those three colors. But I don’t let that stop me from painting.
  19. On the outside, I am a SOF (Sunshine Optimistic Fluff) but on the inside, I am a sarcastic cynic. It surprises everyone when they really get to know me. They expect like Elle Woods and get Wednesday Addams. It’s fantastic.
  20. I can handle spiders and wasps and bees and snakes and even rats. What I can not handle are the spider-cricket things and centipedes/millipedes whatever you call them. They are both creepy, ugly, and I will scream and slowly run away to not let it know I hate it.

Here’s to hoping one day, I can get to 200 hundred blog posts! Thank you for celebrating with me!


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