Prompt 22: Let’s Not Make Jurassic Park a Reality (Thanks)

Prompt Twenty-Two: Do you think dinosaurs and humans could coexist today? What would make that possible or impossible?

There are literally five movies as to why this would not be a good idea.





This right here is why dinosaurs and humans COULD NOT COEXIST.

Would it be cool? Sure. I mean who wouldn’t want to see a dinosaur? A triceratops or a pterodactyl or a Brontosaurus? But the thing is, dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. . . .when there were no humans. We didn’t even exist yet. There’s no way of knowing how dinosaurs would react to us. (In the T-Rex’s case, I imagine we’d end up like the poor bloke on the toilet.) The world is a lot different than it was when dinos did exist. There’s less green trees and more gray concrete for one. There’s technology. It’s all so vastly different.

The real question is. . .

Is there enough space for humans AND dinosaurs on Earth? Could we live without killing the planet or you know, killing each other? I don’t know. But I don’t want to find out. Or else I might end up like the poor bloke on the loo. Dinosaurs? Always cool. But they are dead and let’s just keep it that way.

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