Dead Eyes (A Poem)

I saw lightning


in your cold



like a spark

in the dark

that you can barely see

through the foggy window pane

as the rain comes

streaming down

like the tears on

your mother’s face

as you lied to her


and over again

You say not a word

to me

You keep staring

and staring

Like I hold all the answers

Like I know how to save you

when I can’t even

save myself

Those eyes

They used to be filled with hope

But now

They are as dead

as a shark’s

before it devours it’s prey

I used to want to help you

I used to try

and try

and try

I’d tell you what to do

Over and over

I’d repeat what

I knew was the truth

But you never listened

You turned a blind eye

like you had water in your ears

making it hard to hear

what we all were saying

My words turned empty

as your eyes turned dead

And as I walk away

I can feel those eyes

boring into the back

of my head

Like a predator

who is too old to catch

it’s prey

and instead

just waits

and waits

for a new one to come

a willing sacrifice itself

But no more

No more sacrifice

You are no longer the predator

And I am not the prey

You are a scavenger

a hyena lurking

and lurking

to find someone weaker

when really

it was always you

who was the weak one


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