Prompt 14: The Woes of Edgar Allan Poe

Prompt Fourteen: If you knew it would be published, name someone (alive or dead) whose biography you would love to write. You would have full access to their life.

If I could chose who to write a biography on, I would chose Edgar Allan Poe. He is one of my favorites authors. I want to write about him because I want to know what made him write such stories. What inspired stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart” and the poem “The Raven?”

Here’s a poem about Edgar.

Oh Edgar, what happened to you?

So cloaked in mystery and fog,

we can hardly see who you were

Tell me, what inspire drew you

To write sorrowful poems

and macabre stories?

You wrote about the Raven

And Annabel Lee

The heart

You wrote about so many

different things.

Things that to some

may seem grisly

and horrible to most

full of utter despair

Yet we never got

to know you, Edgar

Why is that?

Perhaps all of the pieces

You wrote

Are a metaphor for what

you yourself were going through

Who will ever know?

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