Prompt 12: Stupid Rules of Childhood

Prompt Twelve: What one rule from your childhood do you not agree with now that you’re an adult?

Asking if we could have a drink or a snack. It was one of those frustrating rules growing up that I never truly understood. Why did I have to ask if I could have a glass of water? Why did I have to ask if I could have a granola bar? I mean the water is there. The food is there. Over time, this rule did disappear, but it still is one of those stupid rules that I will never have my kids follow. You won’t have to ask for a drink or for a snack. It’s there for you. Drink. Eat. Have at it. I mean don’t go crazy with the Twinkies, obviously, but you shouldn’t have to ask for simple things like a glass of water or a granola bar.

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