Prompt 10: Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Prompt Ten: Plan a “murder mystery” dinner party. Create the dinner menu and the guest list, and design the murder plot.

Murder Mystery Plot:

Several people, all with different motives attend a special engagement party. When the host of the party, Elof Hans Lawson, winds up dead, suddenly everyone is a suspect. Was it his young, fresh-faced fiancee, Aditi Biancardi? Was it Aditi’s parents Raif and Kith? Or maybe it was the mysterious Beatrice Westbrook who looked very familiar to Elof? But as the plot thickens, the dinner guests realize that there was more to Elof than anyone truly knew.

Dinner Guests:

Elof Hans Lawson – a filthy rich man who owns one of the world’s biggest oil companies who planned this dinner party in order to get the attention of Kith Biancardi, a woman he has long lusted after. He will do whatever he can to gain her affections, even though she is already married.

Gwendolyn Van Buren – a rich, redheaded widow of 42 (though she says she’s only 30) who totally has killed all 6 of her husbands and inherited their wealth. Of course, Gwendolyn is quite smart and has gotten away with every murder. Some claim that she’s a witch. She’s got her eyes set on Elof Lawson as her next husband. Her only problem is that he’s already engaged to Aditi Biancardi.

Aditi Biancardi – a young, beautiful girl of 21 who was married off to Elof Lawson because her father, Raif, owes Lawson quite a deal of money. She is quite smart and is playing the sweet, demure fiancee until she can escape. She falls in love with Cassian Sachs.

Kith Biancardi – the mother of Aditi, she is a very intelligent woman who owns several non-profit organizations that focuses on encouraging young women to be politics. She is very displeased with her husband, Raif, for marrying off their daughter Aditi to pay off his debts to Elof Hans Lawson.

Raif Biancardi – a bitter man who is angry at the world for not giving him what he wants. He treats his wife and his daughter like they are subservient to him even though it is really them who are holding the family together. He is the one who gets in deep with the loan sharks and has to ask his employer, Elof Hans Lawson, for money.

Cassian Sachs – the young Italian lawyer of 32 who was recently hired by Elof Lawson. He only took this job because his father insisted but after he meets Gwendolyn Van Buren, he is suddenly more willing to do a good job. He falls madly in love with Gwendolyn but unfortunately, she is simply using him.

Beatrice Westbrook – an older woman with shock white hair who Elof Hans Lawson knows through her late husband. She offered Elof her estate for his engagement party. Unknown to Elof, Beatrice is actually his first wife whom he had killed nearly 40 years ago.

Dinner Menu:

Haggis – a savory pudding containing sheep’s pluck (heart, liver, and lungs); minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and cooked while traditionally encased in the animal’s stomach though now often in an artificial casing instead.

Haggis is typical served with mashed potatoes and mashed yellow turnips in a savory whiskey sauce (usually the grease from the haggis is also used in the gravy.

For dessert, a wonderful gelato from Italy. Of course, it never gets eaten due to Elof’s unfortunate demise.

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