400 Writing Prompts

Yesterday Paige and I went to this amazing store called Five Below. There I found this wonderful book.

As Paige said: “It is so you.”

Nonetheless, I got the book. And for the next 400 days, I am going to do a prompt every single day. I’m going to set an alarm on my phone so I’ll remember. I plan on sharing it on Instagram if other writers or even those who aren’t writers but wanna have some fun with these prompts, want to join in. I’ll also be posting the prompts on here everyday.

This blog is really called “The Inner Workings.” And I really want to figure out what that means. Is it my “inner workings?” I don’t know. But either way, I want it to be all about writing on this blog.

Stay tuned for my next blog post today for prompt one!


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