Sail (A Poem)

Will you sail away with me?

Far behind the reaches of the iron jungle

and the electric wires that strangle us in our sleep

and the bright little screens that blind us with the

hateful information they show.

Far past all the war and the pain, the blood and tears,

the bombs that kill millions

and the mothers who cradle their dead children,

screaming into the dusty night that it wasn’t fair.

Will you sail away with me?

We can live off the sea, and try to name all the fishes we see.

Perhaps if we sail far enough,

we’ll see the great sea serpent of old.

We’ll race it to the edge of the world,

neck to neck,

and instead of eating us, the great sea serpent

will tell us that our people once were voyagers

before we became afraid of the sea.

Or perhaps we’ll see the churning, roaring

Charybdis and let her swallow us whole,

her sharp teeth not sharp but instead

like the caress of a mother tucking you in for bed.

She’ll take us to a new world

with no war and pain, no blood and tears.

No mothers who cry over corpses.

No iron jungles and wires that strangle us

and little bright screens.

Instead it’ll be us and the Earth,

back to our roots.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Why don’t you sail away with me?


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