My Body, My Choice; Your Body, Your Choice

I don’t normally get political. Seriously, I don’t. My friends get on Facebook all the time and combat the internet trolls who don’t know how to express their feelings without spitting out vitriol.

My friends put on their armor and prepare for battle. Meanwhile, I’m the one behind the moat waving a white flag or shouting encouragement at my friends. It depends on the issue. Do I have an opinion? Yes. But politics is one of those subjects that never ends well.

I hate politics. Do I get that I need to stay up to date? Yeah, I get that. But politics give me a headache. Politics either make me want to scream and punch a wall or cry into a pillow.

So yeah, politics and me? Not good friends. Maybe like frenemies? Or that one person you talk to at the office but don’t know their name. At all. Yeah. That’s it.

However, I do try and stay up to date on what’s going on in this fucked up world. I don’t want to be oblivious after all. Just walking around like tra-la-la-la and not seeing the giant ass meteor of politics ready to CRASH in front of me.

My best friend Angela gives me news updates. My Aunt Meme explains things we hear on NPR. I actually get most of my news from NPR which I actually like listening too (shocker, right?). But NPR has a way of making things well, make sense and easy to understand. Plus they have some of the most interesting stories. Like the story about this woman and her bird, Bonk (it made my aunt and I tear up it was so touching).

I am aware of what’s going around me so I don’t get the meteor of politics landing on me and crushing all my hopes and dreams. I’m just a bit more. . . not sure the word I am necessarily looking for right now.

I suppose I am more neutral? Or relaxed when it comes to politics?

However, recently something has come to light in Arkansas that will affect me and other women in this state.

Roe v. Wade. We all know what it’s about. We know how important it is. There was a time in our history where women had to do some pretty messed up things in order to get an abortion. They would go to unlicensed doctors or even perform an abortion themselves.

This is what Roe v. Wade states, “that access to safe and legal abortion is a constitutional right.” (Taken from Planned Parenthood’s site.)

Now we, as women, are able to get an abortion at clinics. That’s thanks to Roe v. Wade. It set things into motion. Yes, there are states that a lot stricter when it comes to abortion laws but with Roe. v. Wade, at least there’s something. States can’t deny abortion rights. But if Roe v. Wade gets turned over, then that could very well change.

Personally, I am pro-choice. If I was to get pregnant right now (even with birth control and using a condom) I would get an abortion. I am 24 years old and living with my aunt. I do not drive. I don’t have a steady enough income. And I am still in school. I am not ready for a child at this moment. And okay, yeah people say “Maybe you should practice safe sex?” Well, birth control and condoms are not a 100% guarantee. Things happen. The condom could be old or the birth control might have something wrong with it. Some might say “Then don’t have sex.” Well having sex is my personal choice. Not theirs. Just like having an abortion is the woman’s choice.

(Fyi, NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. That was just an example.)

If Roe v. Wade is turned over that means that the states can make getting an abortion illegal. In fact, Arkansas, my lovely state, has created a “triggered” abortion law that I believe will come into effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned. This law would ban all abortion in the state of Arkansas unless in a state of medical emergency. This includes victims of rape. This means that if a woman is raped and she gets pregnant, she can not get an abortion unless there is a medical reason as to why she needs one. It’s the same if incest is involved.

Arkansas is the 5th state to introduce a law like this and get it passed as a “trigger” law if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Others states include: Mississippi, Louisiana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Now, remember, this law only comes to effect if Roe v. Wade is overturned, which is something that everyone is afraid of. Either way, the fact that this law is even on the books makes me angry. First of all, how are “trigger laws” even legal? Like how can people make a law that is based on if another law is going to be overturned?

The 1950s called.

They want their stupid laws back.

What right does anyone have to tell a woman what she can do with her body? This entire thing is just so frustrating. Like no. You don’t get the right to tell me what I can and can not do to my body. It’s my body, my choice. I don’t have any right to tell you what you can do with your body. It’s your body, your choice. What kind of world do we live in where this is suddenly not the norm? How is this our world now? We’re going backward in time and it’s fucking stupid. It’s like we’re becoming The Handmaid’s Tale. (A great if not a bit scary in the reality show on Hulu. It’s also a book that I need to watch.)

Basically, the world right now? It’s a mess. And it’s not just women’s rights that are being ripped to shreds. It’s the LGBTQ+ community, it’s people of color. . .It’s everyone. I was talking to my aunt this morning and she said that it’s even worse today when it comes to race and LGBTQ+ than it was when she was in high school. That was thirty years ago.

What the hell people. Have we gone backwards in time? You know for a while there, we were doing phenomenal. Gay marriage got legalized. It seemed like every other week there wasn’t a story on a poor kid getting shot up by the kids. Now though, it’s a fucking wreck, honestly.

Also has anyone else noticed how angry people are now? You can feel it in the air. Everyone is all angry and ready to punch someone in the face. And it’s just a disaster. I really hope it gets better after the 2020 elections. Like seriously.

Here are some links to more about the law in Arkansas:

But to lessen the stress and make you less angry, here are some awesome posts from my favorite place, BUZZFEED!!

(Credit to the cover picture goes to my friend Samantha Dickson whom I met in Washington D.C. She went to the protest when Kavanaugh was confirmed and was happy to share the pictures she took.)

Buzzfeed Posts:

Bonk’s Story:

I am experimenting with a drop cap and using the shaded boxes. To add something to the blog. Not sure if I like it yet. We’ll see. Anyways, enjoy!


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