Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With

These are songs that I am currently obsessed with – for different reasons that I will explain.

Why am I obsessed with this song? The emotion in it is amazing. I love Jacoby Shaddix and I love Maria Brink. I have listened to Papa Roach for years, and now thanks to this song, I’ve been listening to In This Moment (Maria Brink’s band). The emotion between them and the lyrics is just incredible. This song is about a relationship that is going through a rough patch, but no matter what they still love each other. And like gravity, they’ll come back down. Come back together. Like most of Papa Roach’s song, this song is relatable.

One of my favorites parts is when Jacoby is singing:

” ‘ Get the hell away!”
You’re not a husband, not a father, just a pig
And you can never change all the things that you did!’ “

And Maria Brink is on the phone saying the words with him. It’s a beautiful line.

Other songs of Papa Roach I like are “Falling Apart,” “No Matter What” and “American Dreams.” Check them out!

I found Firefight while on browsing a playlist on Spotify. Since then I have played this song. A lot. Can you blame me? I like her voice. I like the beat. I like the lyrics.

Lyrics are what really attract me to songs most of the time. If I’m more in a dance mood, then yeah, it’s a beat. But I listen to music for the meaning of the song.

For this song, she’s asking for help. For someone, whether a friend or a lover, to ‘stay close.’ To stay.

My favorite lyrics:

“Precious denial,
A stone to break my back.
The chains I carry won’t cut me any slack.
Imprisoned by fear,
No room for my heart
My only hope,
Only you can heal the scar.”

“Hanging on a by Thread” by The Letter Black is another song I found via a playlist. In fact, I clicked on “Song Radio” for the Fireflight song and this song popped on that list. I fell in love and have been playing it ever since.

The Letter Black is like a mix of Flyleaf and Halestorm. This song is similar to “Stay Close.” Another song about asking for help, saying ‘hey, save me from me because I’m fucked up.’ I like this song so much that it’s the title for a Batman fanfiction that I am working on. (Yes, I write fanfiction. In another post I’ll tell all the ones I’m working on.)

My favorite lyrics:

“Save me from losing myself
I’m hanging on by a thread
Can you see who I am
Underneath my scars
I’m afraid to fall
So I’m holding on to you
No I won’t let go
I’m hanging on by a thread.”

Now to completely shift gears and onto my next song. Seriously. About to go from alternative rock to soft pop.

This song. God. Do I relate to this song. Every time I hear this song, it makes me tear up, which is strange since not a lot of songs do that. But “Consequences” by Camila Cabello, makes me feel so hard. I can’t listen to it repeatedly otherwise I feel like I need to cry and need a hug from my aunt.

I think we all can relate to this song. Who hasn’t fallen in love with someone and it was a rush. God, it was amazing. And then when it was over, you realized that it wasn’t good. It wasn’t amazing. It fucking sucked. It hurt. And while you want to regret it – and hell, you do – you also know you’ve learned from it. This song reminds me of Morgan. (If you don’t know that story then you won’t get it. But if you do know the story, you’ll get it.) And it hurts. But I still listen to this song.

My favorite lyrics:

“Loving you was dumb, dark and cheap
Loving you still takes shots at me
Found loving you was sunshine, but then it poured
And I lost so much more than my senses
‘Cause loving you had consequences.”

This song. Oh lord. I have listened to this song on repeat at least 10 times. Probably even more than that.

This song. Out of all the songs, even though the music seems sad, the lyrics are almost hopeful. This song is about being in love with someone and it’s like, well “fire on fire.” It’s about being with someone and you just click with them. It makes sense. And it’s amazing and incredible and terrifying all at once. It’s like a wildfire raging out of control until the firefighters come and then it’s all well.

This song makes me long for that kind of love. I like that instead of comparing it to fire and water, the song is like no, it’s fire on fire. It shouldn’t work, but hell, it does. And that’s okay. It’s about not letting people tell you it’s wrong. It’s a hell of a contrast to “Consquences.”

My favorite lyrics:

“Fire on fire, we’re normally killers
But this much desire, together, we’re winners
They say that we’re out of control and some say we’re sinners
But don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythms.”

First, the video to this song is a bit trippy. Seriously, watch it. Second, the video suits the song quite well. I can’t remember how I found this song. I think I was on YouTube and it did the whole autoplay thing and this song came on.

This song is so real. Broken people find broken people. The lyrics are sad but the beat is almost peppy? It’s a contradiction. That’s why I like it. It doesn’t match, but that’s okay.

When it comes to relationships, I always say that in order to love someone, you have to love yourself first. With this song, it’s saying “Hey, you’re broken. And I’m broken. But that’s okay.” It’s a different perspective. That maybe broken can fix broken.

My favorite lyrics:

“Life is not a love song that we like
We’re all broken pieces floating by
Life is not a love song, we can try
To fix our broken pieces one at a time.”

And that’s it for today!

Bonus song because the video cracks me up.


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