Update: Podcast

Possible Names:

  1. Fem Flick Fan (3 F’s)
  2. The Keely Show
  3. Short & Sweet(Or Close Enough)
  4. Lights, Camera and Keely (or Lights, Camera and Me)
  5. Kinema….something
  6. Chatterbox

Those are all my ideas so far. I had some help from my aunt and my bff Angela. None of them are really sticking out. I do like Chatterbox but it doesn’t really relate to cinematography. The title needs to relate to the topic that way people know what the podcast is about.

I am working on a logo for the podcast. I have one idea bearly done then gonna work on a few others.

I have not looked for music yet for the podcast. So I need to do that.

What else? Right, run time for each episode. I’m thinking 30 minutes. Once a week. I’m gonna work on a few rough scripts.

Now if only I had a name. . . .


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