Love Is. . . (A Poem)

Love is

Slipping on a bottle

And then right as

You regain your balance,

Slipping on a rug,

Crashing to the hard,

Cold ground.

Love is

When you fall,

Sometimes there is

That cold hard ground

And you end up bruised

And broken

And maybe sometimes

A little bloody.

Love is

When there is no fall

Instead there is a warm hand

Yanking you back up

And a soft encouraging smile

Telling you

“Get back up. You can do it.

I believe in you.”

Love is

When you ride on

A rollercoaster

And you rush up the hill

To the very top

And you feel as though

You can touch the sun

And moon and stars.

Then you go rushing down

And down

And down

And you scream,

You are both afraid and happy.

Love is

That fuzzy butterfly feeling

In your stomach

Right after the hill

Of the rollercoaster,

That you enjoy and hate.

Love is


And nothing

All at once.

Love is





Love is

Like a rollercoaster

It has it’s ups and downs

But sometimes

Love can be amazing.


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