Apple (A Poem)

They ask me why

I bite into the apple

They believe the lies

That the snake seduced me

That I was tricked

And then banished

My lover and I out of


The truth is

There was no snake

It was him

My lover

He wanted the apple

But the moment

He was caught

He blamed me

He forced my mouth open

And shoved a piece

Of the apple inside

I did not want it

I only wanted

To gaze upon

The beauty the gods

Had bestowed upon

Us lowly humans

But my lover was greedy

He wanted the knowledge,

The power

So he took the apple

But I was the one

Who was punished

By the great thunder god

But the wife of the god

Let me keep all the knowledge

And that is why

I will no longer

Trust man

For he bite into

The apple

And I was blamed



And history

Repeats itself


Man blames woman

But fear not, my sisters

For I am Eve

And we may have

Not wanted the apple

But it’s power

We have



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