Starting a Podcast (One Day)

I have been thinking about starting a podcast. It’s an idea that’s been brewing in my head since DC. I think it’d be fun and well different.

What would my podcast be about?

Honestly it’d probably be like this blog. A sporadic sampling of my life, thoughts, opinion, ideas, hopes and dreams. It’d be most likely unscripted which if done right could be cool or terrible.

I was doing some research a few months ago. It seems that it’s sort of half and half on if people like scripted or not scripted podcasts. Some people like when the episode has a plan and they don’t want to hear some stranger ramble about their life. But some people do like that. It depends on the audience.

I found a lot of podcasts that are popular that I need to start listening to. Get an idea of different types pf podcasts. Podcasts are becoming a huge deal – sort of like blogs were when I had my first blog on Weebly. That’s something I want to break in to.

So what do I need to do? First, listen to some podcasts. I have an entire list. Time to listen! I like listening to NPR in the mornings even though I don’t like the news so I might like a few podcasts.

Second, who is my target audience? What will my podcast mostly be about? Even if it’s unscripted there needs to be at least some idea of what the podcast is about.

Third, come up with a name and a cover for the podcast. Do I want to use the same name as this blog “The Inner Workings?” Or do I need something more quirky and attention catching? I’ve been thinking about having like a persona on it too by using one of my nicknames.

My nicknames are: Keke, Keels, Artemis (or Artie) and Jinx.

If I do go with a “persona” which nickname. Should I base the name of the podcast off that?

As you can tell I have a lot of work to do. My question(s) for you is:

  1. Which nickname should I use?
  2. Do you have any podcasts to recommend?
  3. Do you have any ideas for podcasts names?
  4. Be creative and have fun!!

Anyways that’s me for the day! Keeping up with this streak!


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