When I first met Minnie, she was a year old puppy who had to warm up to me. She used to sleep in the back window of the car until she got too big to do so.

She and her mama, Red, played and cuddled together. When Red died, Minnie was depressed. That’s why we got Gypsy. After we got Gypsy, Minnie was so much better. She had a new stepmama and got out of her depression.

Minnie passed away Christmas morning around 1230. She hadn’t been feeling good that weekend and then with everything being closed. . . .there was nothing we could do.

This time it was Gypsy who was sad. Since Minnie passed away I’ve noticed that Gypsy is a lot needier which trust me, is an accomplishment. When Gypsy is in my room and she knows my aunt is home, she whines.

We ended up getting a new puppy, Amina. She’s sweet and cute and a hot mess. Gypsy actually played with her today.

The picture below is Gypsy and Amina laying next to each other.

But I still miss Minnie.

Minnie loved toliet paper – well paper of any variety. She used to dive into my aunt’s purse. And when my aunt pulled into the drive, she’d be so excited to see her “mom.” I called her “Houdini” because she was an escape artist. If she could get outside, she would.

I remember once she found an orange peel. . . .even though we hadn’t had oranges in the house for a while. Minnie was the greatest cuddle buddy at night (even if she did hog my queen sized bed).

She used to sleep on her back with her legs straight up in the air, so comfortable. She fell off the couch a few times while she was sleeping and then woke up confused. She loves blankets. Sleeping on them, under them, everything. Like the cover photo.

I’m not used to her not being here. The other day when I got home from the Justin Timberlake concert I still was expecting her to be there and barking at us being home. I still do that. Instead of saying “release the krakens!” I have to step back and be like “Release the kraken!” Which really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Minnie not being here is just. . . .wrong. And though Amina is sweet and such, it’s not the same.

I miss my Houdini spazzy dog.


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