Being 24 and Not Driving

When you are 24 and you can’t drive it fucking blows. Like a lot. Shall I list the reasons?

Well first of all, if I want to go anywhere like school or work or you know to get chocolate I have to ask someone. Be like “Hey can you take me so and so?” And hope they say yes. (They do yes. All the time.) But then I feel like a burden so sure take me to school and work. I’ll give them gas. But I won’t ask if I am feeling peckish for chocolate or if I would really like to take my camera and take pictures of some random things.

Everyone in the house can drive but me. My 18 year old cousin got her license before me. It shouldn’t bother me (it does). And here I am 24 gonna be 25 in June and I can’t drive. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Like I want to drive. Do you think I like beint in the house all the time? Do you think I like relying on everyone else to take me to work and school? Hell fucking no. I want to drive. I do. But driving is also scary to me. Which sounds so. . . .childish. But it’s true.

While in DC one of our last assignments in my LEAD class was to write our goals. 6 months, 1 year, etc. Well my 6 month goal was to be get my license. I want to be up and driving by the time my 25th birthday comes around. Hell before then.

Here’s to hoping.


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