Playlist 1 (10/15/18 to 10/21/18)

These are the songs that I played the most from October 15th to October 21st. I hope you enjoy them!

“Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga. This song is from A Star is Born. I need to watch the movie. The soundtrack is amazing! Another good one is “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. 

Favorite lyrics: “Lovers in the night
Poets trying to write
We don’t know how to rhyme
But, damn, we try.”

“She Sets the City on Fire” by Gavin DeGraw. This is such a beautiful love song. The video is awesome as well. It shows a really smart girl who comes up with this idea. 

Favorite lyrics: “But I don’t know if I’m chasing ghosts
Put my hand in the flame of a flickering lighter
Again and again, I was lucky just to find her.”

“Lie” by NF. I love NF. “Let You Down” is another great one of theirs. We always have songs about girls talking about guys that are jerks. Well this song is about a guy who likes this girl but this girl doesn’t want anything to do with. Only when she wants something. 

Favorite lyrics: “You say you want a man that keeps it real
Then why you mad when I get real with you?”

“I Wish I Was the Moon” by Neko Case. This song is actually from True Blood. It plays in one of my favorite scenes. Sookie and Eric are reunited and then they have sex in the moonlight in a the woods. It’s beautiful. 

Favorite lyrics: “How will you know
If you found me at last
Cause I’ll be the one
Be the one, be the one
With my heart in my lap”

“Body” by Loud Luxury ft. brando. This song has a great beat and the video is quirky. It’s a let’s get moving and keep moving type of song. 

Favorite lyrics: “But when I lean for the kiss
You said I’ll probably send you some pics
And I’m like”

And lastly, “This Feeling” by The Chainsmokers ft. Kelsea Ballarini. This another upbeat song but the meaning is deep. 

Favorite lyrics: “They tell me think with my head, not that thing in my chest
They got their hands at my neck this time
But you’re the one that I want, if that’s really so wrong
Then they don’t know what this feeling is like”

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