Unnecessary Censoring

The other day I was listening to 98.5 when the song “Breakeven” by The Script came on. The Script is one of my favorite bands, and “Breakeven” is definitely one of my favorites of theirs.

Here I was, listening to the song with my cousin, Paige, when the most powerful line came on:

“Just prayed to a god I barely believe in.”


Hang on.


That is not the right line.

As someone who has listened to the song on repeat (especially in high school) at least 20 times, I know this song. That line? Yeah. It’s wrong. It has, like so many other songs, been censored. And while most of the time I can understand censoring words like “fuck” and “dick” and “ass” and “shit,” this is going beyond that.

The real line is: “Just prayed to a god I don’t believe in.”

Yes, you read that right. They censored the word “don’t.” It was censored because it would offend religious people. As my baby cousin Pagan would say: I was so triggered. 

Like I stated before, I kind of understand censoring curse words. A little. I barely tolerate it. But censoring the word “don’t” because it might offend religious people? No. That is taking it too far. It’s not like bleeping out the word fuck or shit. An entire word is changed, thus changing what the songwriter wrote and the meaning of the song. I was so annoyed at the censoring that I pushed – really slammed – the button and changed stations.

This station isn’t the only one who censors. Most if not all of them censor. Words like fuck, shit, bitch, ass – basically every curse you can think of. Strangely enough, “hell” is not one I usually hear censored. They also censor words like weed, high, joint, and as of now, apparently, “don’t.”

Really, I never got censorship. If it offends you don’t listen to it or get over it. And the thing is, I find it funny that everyone censors for religion to not offend them. Well what about us atheists, huh? Not all of us want to hear radio hosts say “bless the lord” or what have you. Why is that not censored? Why are they able to mention their religion but we can’t even say “Just prayed to a god I don’t believe in.”

See the problem? I certainly do. It should be equal. Freedom of speech.


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