The Photograph (A Poem)

The picture was yellow and fading,

the colors were no longer there

it was worn from her fingers,

how often it would sit in her pocket

and then she’d pull it out

tracing the faint expression

of a love once lost

some made snide remarks

about how she cherished

such a faded little photograph,

with half of  it torn

but it was so much more

it was her lost love

her first love

the one that got away

like that Katy Perry song

it’s a reminder of what was

what used to be

those memories that she

struggles to remember

but the photograph helps her

just a boy at a carnival with the wind

in his hair and sand between his toes

even when she gets married

she still has that picture

but instead of her pocket

it sits in her jewelry box

she wonders where he went

what his name was

then one day she gets home

and her husband is holding that


and without a word,

he pulls out a torn photograph

of a girl in a sunhat at a carnival


via Daily Prompt: Grainy

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