When Writers Don’t Do the Characters I Love Write (Pun intended)

Friday night on the way to pick up my cousin, my aunt and I had a lovely conversation about Charmed. I enjoyed being able to geek out over Charmed – and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Again they were my childhood. With Buffy, more of my friends and family members know that show. Who doesn’t? But with Charmed, there’s less of a fanbase. After an insightful conversation, I came up with this blog.

I was re-watching Charmed for the fortieth time and a few things really bothered me. It isn’t only season 4. But the later seasons as well. What character am I talking about?

Phoebe Halliwell, my favorite sister. Ever. She is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE SISTER. And yes, it was necessary to put that in all caps…and bold it.

What bothers me? Well, in the later seasons, Phoebe’s is…like a possessed Phoebe? She isn’t the Phoebe we know and love. Let’s start with Cole first.

Yes. That Cole Turner. Cole Turner, the love of Phoebe’s life. Cole and Phoebe. Phoebe and Cole. It was simply meant to be…or it seemed so until he got possessed by the Source of All Evil and then vanquished, came back with ultimate powers, turned into an Avatar…and vanquished again. Things got a little complicated and dice-y.

This beautiful couple right here is the one I was always rooting for. Do I love Leo and Piper? Hell yes I do. Were Paige and Henry cute in a hey-she-needs-a-love-interest-here’s-a-random-guy kind of way. Sure. But this beautiful couple below was my OTP. They still are.


What’s my problem?

Well let me tell you. I have a few.

Cole was POSSESSED by the Source of All Evil. It was not him. Hell, the reason why the Source didn’t kill any of the sisters was because of Cole. He saved their lives probably quite a few times. Do I get the sisters didn’t know? Yeah. I can’t blame them for the vanquishing. It’s when he comes back that I have issues. He comes back from the demon wasteland and does anyone even let him explain himself? NO, they sure in the hell don’t. Phoebe who always, always gave him a chance, tossed him out to wolves like bam, bye love of my life. Why?

Speaking of LOVE OF PHOEBE’S LIFE. The Elders, you know the jerks who didn’t want Piper and Leo to marry? Yeah, those robe wearing bozos, send Phoebe a Cupid in season 8 (which is not a good season thanks to Billie and Christie and yeah…) to help her find love. BUT WAIT. 

Hang on.

Coop the Cupid IS her love interest. Yeah, totally didn’t see that coming. And no, that was not sarcasm. I really didn’t see that coming. I really thought he was going to help her find love. (I was really hoping he’d help her find Cole again…) But no. Phoebe marries a Cupid.

Wow writers. Just wow. What the shit? This was me watching this.


I feel you Judge Judy. I feel you. 

What a cop-out. You give us Cole Turner, a demon turned human turned Source turned Avatar turned ghost, and then give us Coop. The Cupid. Coop was so…blah for me. It could be because we only got to know him for a season. Or maybe because it was weak writing. Or maybe because after giving us a love like Cole and Phoebe, you gave us Coop and Phoebe and yeah. No.

Cop-out to the extreme. I would have felt a lot better if instead, the writers had brought back Cole. Did some finagling and brought him back somehow. Most of the time I can’t stand when writers do something that makes no sense but I would have liked that a hella a lot more than Coop the cop-out. Seriously.

Not to mention Cole saved Piper and Leo’s relationship which was fantastic. Come on, writers! Ugh.


When did Phoebe change? Season 6 was when I noticed it a lot. Season 6 Phoebe was all about finding love…and shirking her witch-ly duties. She rocked this wonderful hairstyle though….


Hello pixie cut. Damn. She can rock anything.

Not the point.

Phoebe said screw being a witch and hello love. She went through the alphabet. Do I get it? A little. Is it Phoebe? No. She was always the one who put being a witch first. While Season 6 is my favorite season because of the great storyline, not so much the great writing on Phoebe.

What I would’ve done is brought back Cole. Do some finagling.

Season 6 had Chris Perry, future boy, Studentlighter…and Piper and Leo’s youngest son who came back to prevent Wyatt from turning evil. Great story line. It was new. It was different. Plus the bad guy [River Song: Spoilers] turned out to be an Elder named Gideon. My problem is with how the sisters treated Chris.

Do I get he was from the future and was more often than not manipulative and secretive and everything else? Yes. But they treated him like shit. Phoebe found out who he was first and she just brushed off his fears of not being conceived.

What. The. Hell.

The Phoebe I know and love would have helped Chris no matter what. No matter what. She would have ensured his conception. Would she have reamed his ass for how he went about things? Yes. But then she would’ve hugged him and been oh, I don’t know, Phoebe. Season 6 she was so out of character.

Phoebe was out of character in Season 8 as well. Billie kills her sister – sure, her crazy brainwashed sister, but her sister nonetheless. She breaks down sobbing, literally on her knees and NO ONE KNEELS DOWN TO HELP HER. No one. I thought if it would be anyone, it’d be Phoebe. But no.

I don’t mind re-watching Season 7. Crazy Leo is sad and the Avatars are interesting. Though Kyle Brody and Paige are devastating. But Season 8? Yeah. I can’t re-watch it. Half the time I forget there is a Season 8. Also, Kyle became a Whitelighter. Why the hell didn’t he and Paige hook up? Come on now.

Whoot! A second blog post for the day.

What are your thoughts? Anything to add?


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