The List Goes On

I haven’t written on this blog for…well, ever. I haven’t written since January. Since the beginning of the semester. So more or less a month.

I have no excuse.

Okay, so I do. A lot actually. Here are a few of these “excuses”:

  1. I got busy with school/work/life.
  2. My muse died.
  3. I was sick
  4. I was tired
  5. The list goes on and on

So yeah, there are excuses. There always are. There are always empty promises. This is my promise: I promise to not promise to promise anything. Isn’t that a sentence? Yes, I am going to write on this. It will be sporadic. I am a very sporadic person after all. I will try. You might get a new post every week or it could be every other week. Hell, it could be a month from now.

I’ll restate that: I promise to  not promise to promise anything. (Look I bolded and underlined it.)

What’s new with me?

Bad sushi. That’s what’s new. (Is that even a proper sentence? Not sure.) Tuesday I got my usual sushi from Kroger and promptly died. I was fully miserable. I love sushi (and tea but that’s another blog) and it tried to kill me.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic.

Wednesday I made it to class…barely. I didn’t even bother going to work. I slept forever, ate some soup and passed out again. Yesterday, I planned on going to class but I woke up at 8, stood up and fell on the bed. I live on the third floor at University Village. There was no way with my vertigo and migraine that I was going to make it down those stairs.

I would have died.

After 18 hours of sleep, give or take, I finally feel much better.

I had a lovely conversation with a professor at UA Little Rock about tea. Finally, someone who shares my love of tea.

I figured out my Captain America fanfiction (working on it, slowly) my original comic and my story based on my grandparents.

And that’s all today, folks.

….now what to call this…



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