Finishing Up Week One


My teacher for Careers in Mass Media made us introduction ourselves. I was so glad to find that I was not the only one who has no idea what I am doing. No one knew what they really want to do. There were quite a few others whose emphasis is in journalism. One guy said “I just want to write.” I can relate to that. I just want to write too. That’s all I want. Write, write, write.

Work was slow. I did a few more things for my workshop. That’s about it. Oh, I also had a delicious veggie omelet…with a side of bacon and Mountain Dew on the side.


I got to sleep in! Well, sort of since Paige (my cousin) kept texting me and then emails and FB notifications and Instagram. I can never escape technology. I went to work where I worked on workshop material, went to workshop where the only person who showed up was Paige. It was a dull slow day. Paige and I are spending the weekend with my aunt since we are out of school for MLK on Monday.

It was a decent week. Boring but it’ll start picking up eventually. I can not wait for this semester. I enjoy all my classes. Now if only I could figure out what I want to do…But does any of us really know?



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