Day One

I am finally home after my first day of class. I’ve been home for fifteen minutes. I have my mint tea and my tunes and all is well in the world.

How did my first day of class go you might ask? It went pretty well.

This morning, I got my classes confused. I set my alarm for 7:30 thinking I had class at 9:25 but nope, class started at eleven. My bad. None the less, after I snoozed for a few more hours, I got up and walked to school. Easy peasy. Now, getting back…I’m gonna have to work on that tomorrow. I got to the school early, of course, but that’s alright. I went to Starbucks and with my fancy student ID I got myself a grande hot chocolate and an apple muffins. Apple muffins are the best thing. (See the picture above)

I sat and listened to music for a while then it was off to my first class: Beginning Reporting. First problem: I have no idea how to work an Apple computer – I think they are called a Mac? I have no idea. I had to have some help. My teacher, Dr. Edwards, seems like a cool and chill guy. He told us that the first few weeks will be a lot of lecture but then we will write, write, write! I am super excited. He said that this class is going to be like a news room which means deadlines are important. We will have time in class to write our stories. Wednesday he’s going to have us introduce ourselves which will be fun. I actually will have him again tomorrow for Careers in Mass Media. I have a feeling that will happen a lot since my major is Mass Communications.

My other two classes: Intro to Professional Writing and Editing for Usage and Style are both online. Only the first has been posted.

We got dismissed from class early so I went to the Diamond Cafe. There were a group of boys (later I found out, they are from a fraternity) dancing. It was amazing! I now know where I need to eat everyday. The girls danced too. After all that, it was finally time for work…which was boring.

I work in Academic Advising. It is going to be very different from working at PTC. At PTC I worked with Admissions and Financial Aid. While work was boring, for the most part, I got to know the other Outreach Assistants – isn’t that fancy? – and that was nice. They seem like a great bunch. I look forward to working with them. Myself and another Outreach Assitant (OA from here on out) did a few things for Dr. Dobbins. Since I do walk to and from school, I left early. I have worked that out with my cousin however so it should run more smoothly. Oh, I even got my own name tag! I feel so official.

I can’t guarantee that I will actually blog every single day because life does happen. I will try however. Now I am off to hang up some artwork and make my room more…home-y.


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