New Year, New Blog, New Hair

I have decided to create a new blog on WordPress. I think that is a wonderful blog site for beginners but I think WordPress will better suit my needs.

It is a new year. I am not only starting a new blog but a new school and a new job. I felt it was time to revamp everything. (Seriously, just last week not only did I dye my hair back to my natural dark brown but also cut it off. It’s now a lob.) While i can’t say this new blog will be different from my one on Weebly. I will still ramble about the many fandoms I am obsessed with. I will still rant about politics, current events, school, boys and writing. I want to use this site to truly be a writer. I want to use this site to truly be an artist.

Everyone always says “New year, new me!” I can’t say I want to be “new.” I think really, I want to get back to my roots. I miss being a writer and an artist. It has been so long since I have truly sat down and painted. It has been so long since I have truly sat down and wrote a story. At my core, I am a writer and an artist. I want to be that again. I wouldn’t say I am going to be “new.” I like who I am now. I am more than I used to be. I used to let everyone push me around. Not anymore. I’ve grown up a lot since I moved to Arkansas. I like who I am. I just miss the little things. The things that make me well, me. I am proud of who I am now. I am no longer a girl. I am a young woman (who occasionally still gets asked if she’s twelve but that’s not the point…). And I am looking forward to this new journey. I’m nervous, of course, but who wouldn’t be?

The new school I am attending is University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I move in this Saturday. I am super excited. I still have quite a bit to do. I am multitasking and making a list of things I need to get done today. Not only will I be living on campus, I will also be working there. Thanks to my lovely coworkers at Pulaski Technical College, I got job as a work study in the academic advising center. Sorry, a job as an Outreach Assistant. Doesn’t that sound so fancy? I love it. It will be different than what I am used to but I can manage. Living on campus is both intimidating and thrilling at the same time. It will be a great opportunity to make friends. This blog will follow my journey as a student, Outreach Assistant (love that), writer and artist. Oh, as well as a fangirl. Sorry, a fanwoman.

The site title comes from a favorite quote of mine. The full quote is: “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” One day, I want to get that quote as a tattoo. It will be on my right side since I am right handed. I want it to have a quill and an inkwell so that it looks like it was written on my skin. It’d be awesome if it looked like my handwriting too.

That quote is my favorite quote because it suits writers. When you write, it really is like you are living twice. I think though, I want to live more than twice. I want to, in my writing, be immortal. How amazing would that be? To achieve immortality – in a sense – through my writing? Or my art?

I wouldn’t call this a New Year’s resolution. I wouldn’t call it a goal either. I am dedicating this blog to me, my writing, my art and whatever else I fancy. I want to broaden my writing and my art. I want to finish all my art pieces then start new ones. I want to begin the story based off my grandparents’ house. I want to really work on my many fanfiction ideas. The quote I am using for this first blog post will be my new motto. “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.” Whether or not I will be someone’s hero or only my own, will be found out in due time.


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